The Guide for CS GO Beginners: 3 Aspects to Avoid

CS GO remains one of the most popular gaming options among players and bettors across the world. Having a wide range of roaring tournaments and prize pools, it will not make you disappointed. Before you join the game, you should get familiar with the most common mistakes to be avoided.

Picking up events to wager. It's quite complicated for a newcomer to bet on CS GO games since there are too many of them. In 2018 around 800 Global Offensive tournaments were conducted globally, which is the universal record in eSports. Thus, it is quite understandable why novice bettors feel lost in the abundance of events they can choose from. But this is a common mistake since it's much more effective for a beginner to concentrate on one event that is easily predictable than betting on plenty of tournaments at once considering a single case of luck. At, both beginners and experienced gamers will find topical events to choose the one for detailed studying.

Analyzing teams to wager. While making a choice, you as a bettor should start from analyzing their earlier results. Check the statistics on CS GO teams and analyze a couple of recent matches to get a better understanding of a particular team's performance. But it's a common mistake to limit the research to only analyzing the previous results without taking any action. Also, it is very useful to see the history of both teams playing together. Don't forget to consider maps that can be selected or forbidden by the teams by comparing their win rates and the percentage of wins on those maps. It is also crucial to pay attention to the teams' approach to gaming routine, which can be detected through their Steam and social networks profiles.

Winning in the long-term perspective. While the beginning of your betting routine may seem too exciting, you should be careful with betting on the next events without any further research and analysis. Relying on a chance is not the best approach in the betting world. This turns out to be a big mistake that doesn't allow people to benefit from continuous profit in the long-term perspectives. Due to this betting fever the bettors lose their bankrolls in a few days or even earlier.

Closing Note

In CS GO betting, you shouldn't count on luck! Even if you win once or twice, you may get a completely opposite experience later on. Sport betting is a legit form of entertainment that gives you real chances to win. But you should be ready for different kinds of experiences.