Choosing the Right Hero in Dota 2 Game

When it comes to a competitive gaming routine, Dota offers a unique experience to the most committed players. If you want to proceed with Dota 2, the first thing you should do is to understand what genre of game you expect from it. Like all MOBAs, Dota has mechanics that can be quite uncommon in other genres. Thus, each game is played with teams between several players against an opposing team. A player in DotA 2 has to pick up a particular role in order to cover all aspects of the arena. It is essential that you understand these roles before you start the game.


High-rollers refer to this role as a leading position. As the carry, you will count on the support of other players. These characters require items to boost their survivability and should be marked with farm priority. If you give these characters the farm priority, each of them will carry your team later and make the match easier for you.


The midlaner is the second position that needs several items to be able to successfully fill their position. This means that they will not need as many kills as possible. This position makes you pick up the right character.


This position depends on the domination of EXP over farming. Most of the time, this character will be marked with a solo lane. These heroes should have high escape mechanics or should be hard to avoid. Offlaners are not counting on items to be efficient, so it is crucial if you enjoy this role.

Roaming Support/Jungler

Roaming supports don’t have to farm or gain experience. The main thing for them is to be active early in the game. These characters can purchase wards and support items for themselves, but they are not responsible for this. Often, this hero is associated with the solo liners.

Main Support

The main support is mainly the hero that is responsible for purchasing all of the support items. These heroes don’t need much experience to be active in the game and they are focused on farming. As long as they do their job of warding, the carry receives the support they require.

Having a better understanding of the position your team chooses at the beginning of the game is significant. While knowing what you need to do in your position will increase the chances of your team to get victory. With this knowledge of the character roles, players will have easier time choosing the correct characters for the job. To find out more about Dota, visit